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MBA(IISWBM Kolkata) Business Partner of Zee School

Our country is now going through a challenging time both economically and socially. Now our courses offer you an opportunity to establish yourself as per your choice where as our team of faculty members, supporting staff members are always active to create a stimulating environment for you. Then when you will be exposed to a cosmopolitan environment, you will find networking opportunities with various students and industry professionals from all over the country and the world.

BVES School of Hotel Management is totaly a non profit seeking charitable organization provides an unique schooling beyond the curriculam, conceiving a learning environment which allows the students to develop creativity,work ethic,leadership,languages,cosmopolitian experience and exposure and many other key life skills that are essential for future success both personal and professional.



As India’s hotel industry is ready to meet an unprecedented growth,it is facing a manpower crisis the likes of which it has never it has never seen before.Too few people are being trained for the industy,All this while a new hotel or restaurant is being added every week.

With India’s economy expanding by about 8% a year,the number of people travelling on business or for pleasure is booming.Every year,there are 540 million domestic travellers and the number of overseas tourist will increase from five million to 18 million 2016,according to HVS Hospitality Services, a consulting firm focused on the hotel industry.Where India now has 62,000 top-quality rooms for such travellers,by end of 2014 it is expected that there will be 150,000 rooms.But where are the chefs,butlers and bellboys to serve all the guests?

Hotel Association of India,estimates that the hotel industry will need to add 100,000 staff within four years,But only about a fifth of this number are even being trained and a big slice of them will not join the hotel indistry.